Our Expertise Consultation on Production Process and Systems enables IT companies to give the best Industry4.0 software solutions to its Clients.

Our Consultation for IT Companies

The Industry4.0 market size will be $150 Bn by 2022. A major share of this value will go into the development of Software solutions that is going to run these technologies. At Proddroid we are partnering with Software Solution providers by giving them in depth analysis of the existing manufacturing system, the vulnerability analysis of the system, the parameters to be maintained to achieve the production standards and inspection standards. IT companies are able to reduce their cost and give the most sophisticated solutions in Industrial IoT projects.

Our Featured Services
Our predefined architecture with parameter templates and basic analytics for different types of machines and production process is helping IT companies deliver the most effective Industry4.0 solutions to its Customers Know More
We enable IT companies to get great insight into Production process, Quality control system, machine tool standards and process parameters of manufacturing systems. Through these we help IT companies outsource key manufacturing related jobs and give the best Industry4.0 solution to its customers Know More